Jazz Ensemble

JAZZ ENSEMBLE  is an extra curricular ensemble.  The jazz ensemble will usually begin rehearsals in late October.

This schedule may be altered to accommodate scheduled performances and/or school schedules.  In addition to the variety of jazz styles, individual expression through improvisation will be explored.

The standard instrumentation of the Jazz Ensemble is as follows:

  • 2 Alto Sax
  • 2 Tenor Sax
  • 1 Baritone Sax
  • 4 Trombones
  • 4 Trumpets
  • 1 Bass Guitar
  • 1 Rhythm Guitar
  • 1 Piano
  • 2 Percussion

Although this is standard instrumentation, additional instruments may be involved at the discretion of the director.  If an overwhelming interest arises for a particular section or instrument, auditions will be held to fill the appropriate position.  Members of the ensemble are selected based upon their interest, attendance, and performance level in concert band.  The Jazz Ensemble typically performs at both the December and May concerts.  Additional performance opportunities will be scheduled when possible.  This may include community and district events.