Band Class Information

CONCERT BAND / SYMPHONIC BAND is the primary performing group at Sun Valley HS.  This group meets daily and is comprised of all musicians enrolled in the band program at Sun Valley HS.  The concert band is primarily made up of 9th graders, and the symphonic band is made up of 10-12 members.  This class setting offers the students opportunity to rehearse and perform a variety of literature written for concert and symphonic band.  Much of the class time is devoted to developing proper warm up, practice, and performance techniques, with an emphasis on ensemble performance. In addition, specific aspects of music theory are incorporated into the instruction throughout the year.  Individual performance is evaluated through playing tests and written examinations.  There are usually four  major performances per year, one of which may be the South Central District’s MPA (Music Performance Assessment), held in March or April. 

“Concert Black” is our performance attire.  All students are asked to wear solid black.  If wearing a skirt, the length should be such that the bottom of the skirt falls below the knee when sitting. The top of the dress or blouse should be within standard dress code for SVHS.   Gentlemen can wear a collared shirt with buttons or polo style shirt, just as long as it is solid black.  Ties are not required, and must be solid black if you choose to wear one.  Both ladies and gentleman should have black dress shoes to compliment their attire. 

There are two separate band classes, a concert band class (playing primarily Grade III, IV and V music) and a symphonic band class (Playing primarily Grade IV, Grade V and VI music).     

Updates to scheduled events will be sent out to students and parents through our CutTime communications and through the Canvas platform. Parents are encouraged to become “Canvas Observers”.  Contact Mr. Reynolds if you need assistance with this.