We need your help Marching Band Parents!

To the Parents

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped last Saturday with county preview. Saturday was a long day for our students as well as our volunteers.

Without volunteers, our students ability to put on the show as planned is greatly impacted. So far this year we have not filled all volunteer positions for every event putting more pressure on the volunteers we do have. This will possibly require Mr. Reynolds to scale back the show, as well as the amount of contests and parades in the future.

I spoke with the students last night and explained, though I understand how independent many want to be when they get into high school, we still need their parents to participate in order for them to have the best experience possible. To that end, we are starting a volunteer raffle to incentivize the students to encourage their parents to volunteer.

It has 3 simple rules.

  1. Volunteers must sign up on Charms
  2. Volunteers must show up for shift
  3. Student and their family must be at the end of the year banquet to win.

Each time a parent volunteers, their student’s name will be put in for the drawing of a $50 gift card.

Below is a list of volunteers opportunities for games, contests and parades.

It is possible that you will receive free admission to football games/contests as a volunteer, though this is not guaranteed. It is up to the host school as to how many tickets they give each band for volunteers. Drivers and chaperones are the first to receive admission.

Chaperones: we need 4, 2 for each bus. They will ride to and from the game, contest, or parade. They are also a face for the students to go to during the event in the case of injury, illness or distress.

Pit Crew: In addition to our 2 parent volunteers always driving/riding in the band truck, and the ATV driver we need 3 additional parents to help load and unload the truck as well as help the front ensemble assemble their carts and get into the stadium.

Props: Volunteers helping with props will meet either at the band room for a home games or the truck at a contest, assemble the props, move them to the stadium where the students will move them onto the field, take them back to truck and disassemble them.

50/50 raffle: Volunteers will sell tickets during the first half of home football games.

Senior Night: Volunteers will help with set up, serve food, and help with other activities related to senior night.

Parade Walkers: Walk with the band during parades, handing out water.

Any questions, please talk to one of the board members, Mr. Reynolds or Mrs. Day.

Please help us help your student have a great experience!

Thank you!

Kathy Sharman

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