Marching Band Camp 2019 Reminders

WELCOME BACK! (well, almost)

I know the majority of you have been eagerly waiting for the start of marching band camp. (and many parents patiently waiting to get their kids out of the house for the next two weeks)  Percussion and Colorguard got off to a great start already this past week.  And our booster board and several others have been working over the summer to help prepare for the upcoming year.    I have personally been out of town on military duty and just returned on Thursday night.

Music has been written, drill writing well underway, field backdrops ordered, and colorguard costumes and flags have been ordered as well.  All we need now is to get all the students together on Monday morning at 7:30am to get our full camp underway.   PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW THIS ENTIRE EMAIL so that you have an understanding of what to expect.

DUE TO CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATIONS THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL ADJUSTMENTS TO OUR USUAL AND POSTED SCHEDULE.  Our Band Room renovation is not yet complete, and other areas of the building are still being worked on as well.  Please read the details in this email so you understand where to do and what is expected. I had been waiting until this afternoon to send this so that I can provide the most current information.  Things could still change… thanks for your understanding and flexibility.



***Student drivers will need to park near the cafeteria in the parking spots facing the driveway ( I think Drivers Ed cars are there also), OR in empty parking spots along the front driveway closest to the road. Please DO NOT park in the parking spots up near the school, allow those to be used by school staff and visitors.

***ENTRANCE / DROP will be at the MAIN ENTRANCE.

Students will be directed to head to a designated classroom to leave your lunch and any other personal items you won’t need for outdoor rehearsal. We will take instruments to the field Monday, so cases can either be brought with you or left in the designated classroom. You will then be directed back outside to meet up as a full group before we head to our practice field.  Percussion and Colorguard will continue to work indoors on Monday morning once we have had our group meeting.


Ø  BE ON TIME!    Arriving to school at 7:30am is not being on time.  You are expected to have been dropped off and headed back outside to meet up for 7:30am.  I plan to be at school no later than 7am, and I suggest everyone else plan to be dropped off or headed into the building no later than 7:20-25am.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD so we can maximize our time outside.  We will be walking over to the practice field, and it will make it much more difficult if students arrive late and have no idea where they are going.

Ø  Bathroom breaks will be given during our morning rehearsals, however please be sure to take care of personal business before you are dropped off so you are not needing to use the restroom within the first hour of arriving.

Ø  BRING WATER!  Each student should arrive with their own personal water jug that is filled.  Water can be provided if a student runs out, but each student is responsible to stay hydrated.  For example… a student who brings one or two 20oz bottles for the whole day will not have enough.  Please bring a water JUG that will keep a student hydrated all day.  I can always help them refill if they run out. But 2 water bottles is not enough to be properly hydrated.

Ø  BAGGED LUNCH – Students must bring a bagged lunch.  Students ARE NOT permitted to leave campus to get lunch.   If a student needs to have food brought tothem, please inform me or Mrs. Day. If this is the case, food must be brought during the lunch hour, which will mostly be between 11:30am-12:30pm

o   WE HAVE THE KONA ICE TRUCK coming on Friday, Aug 9 and Thursday, the 15th. So students may want to bring cash for those days.

Ø  INSTRUMENT / MUSIC / GUARD EQUIPMENT – Basically, whatever you need to perform. Seems obvious, but I have had students show up the first day without an instrument before.  Make sure you leave it by the front door the night before.

o   Music should be in a binder with page protectors.

o   I shouldn’t have to loan out any reeds or help get slides or valves unstuck.   Check that stuff this weekend.

Ø  PENCIL POUCH with clear window – to help with keeping up with drill coordinates (We will start drill Tuesday or Wednesday).   Vets may still have theirs at school.  You can check on Monday.

Ø  SUNSCREEN / HATS / Appropriate clothing – I always have extra sunscreen if someone forgets.  We will be outside until 11am each morning, weather permitting.  Please don’t expect to “just get a tan”.  You will burn, even on a cloudy day.  Please put on sunscreen before you arrive, or when we are outside.  AT NO TIME are you to put on spray sunscreen while in the building.

o   Hats and Sunglasses are recommended also.

o   CLOSE TOED SHOES ONLY.  Please do not wear sandals or flip flops during band camp.  AT NO TIME are you permitted to walk around without shoes on.  The only exception is colorguard working in the gym.  And if you leave the gym, YOU HAVE SHOES ON.

Ø  BALANCE OF PARTICIPATION FEE – if you have a balance.   Please contact our treasurer at if you have any questions about your balance.  The full amount is $325 if you are trying to figure out how much you still owe.  Many of you are paid in full, but there are still several who need to finish paying.   Our budget is extremely tight, and fees pay for almost all of our marching band expenses, most of which have already been incurred.

****One major difference this year is our colorguard will be staying from 7:30-5pm each day.  I know in the past we have had them take the afternoon off.  This year we are able to utilize the gym in the afternoons, so the guard does have space for their sectionals in the afternoon.


****NO PARENT MEETING ON MONDAY NIGHT 8/5-   We are going to be unable to use the cafeteria or auditorium this coming week, so we are postponing the parent meeting until further notice.   I would like to get all of us together in one room before the start of the school year, but we will have to make some other arrangements with more notice.    So continue to read emails and updates as they come out. Parent support is vital for the kids to have a successful season.  Please be sure to let us know how you are able to help.  Additional information will be sent out soon with information on how you can get involved.

****UPDATE ON PARENT PREVIEW ON AUGUST 15….. at this time it does not look like we will have a good spot to host our annual parent preview exhibition at the end of band camp.  This is due to the logistics of practice fields and working around the schedules of football, soccer, and band.  So at this time we are needing to hold off on the exhibition at the end of camp.  All rehearsals are always open, so anyone is welcome to come out and see what we are doing.  I will look into the possibility of doing a video of our final run-through on the 15thin the morning and getting that posted online and sent out.   That is my current thought.   If someone has a connection to someone who can do a video using a drone (with sound), then please put them in touch with me and we can see what we can work out to document the end of camp.

****Still planning for a pool party in the evening on August 15th.  More details to come.

VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS NEEDED – If you are not already an approved UCPS volunteer, please visit the following link to get that process going, and send me an email to let me know so I can follow up on that as well.

****Our band website is in the process of getting a major facelift, however please continue to use the same address to stay informed

****We are always needing donations of water and snacks… HOWEVER, due to the renovations taking place in the band room, we are unable to store these right now.  Please feel free to pick some up now, but we can’t accept the donations until our room is finished.  (and no completion date has been given to me yet).

****Smartmusic – Some students have not yet logged into their Smartmusic account.  This is a terrific resource, for not only the marching music, but practicing in general.  (Does not apply to guard).  Some of the percussion parts have been difficult to upload… I hope to have that corrected this coming week now that I am home and can focus on that.   Instructions to access the SmartMusic account were sent in a previous email.

Once we get things going this week we will get more information out about uniform sizing and ordering new marching shoes, pants, and gloves to all those who need those things.

A lot going on this month as we get ready for the new season.  I am very excited to see everyone on Monday morning, ready to work and can’t wait to start putting this show together and get our year underway.

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