Mini Camp For Percussion

For Percussion (Battery and Front Ensemble)

My apologies for not sending these reminders earlier.  I have been out at Fort Knox with limited time for school-related things.  I also will not be leaving here until August 1st.  Jacob and Kendell will be working with the students this week.
I wanted to make sure to let you know about a few things before you come up to school tomorrow to start your 3 days of rehearsals this week.
8am for 3 days.  (Battery done at 5pm, Front Ens done at noon)


Music (in a binder with page protectors)
Pencil (to mark your music as needed)
Filled Water Jug
**Bagged Lunch & Snacks as needed for Battery.   (Front Ens only works till noon)
Great Attitude!  Be prepared to move equipment, set up, warm up, dig into some new music (that you have hopefully looked at some over the summer), and become closer as a section.


Due to construction and renovations, those who drive will probably need to park at the front of the school or near the cafeteria side entrance.  You may or may not be able to access the band room from the side. The band room, media center, math hall, and other areas are still under renovation, so all rehearsals will be around the campus wherever room availability is. Front office/administrative staff will help direct you to available areas.


You will need to walk around the outside of the band room and enter from the back door (by the restrooms) and get your equipment from the attic.  THE POWER MAY BE OUT, so you may need to use your phone light or bring a flashlight.  Help one another out getting your instruments down safely from the attic.   Stands for instruments are in the girls locker room.  Music Stands are on stage in the auditorium.   Be prepared to do some marching as well… so you will want to dress for indoor and outdoor.


Your main equipment is on stage in the auditorium, along with music stands.  If you need access to the mallet cabinet or anything else in the band room you will need to go around and enter from the back door, like I have the battery doing.

Thank you all for your dedication to our band program.  I look forward to a great season!

Jeff Reynolds
Director, Sun Valley Bands
704-296-3020 school
980-328-8094 cell

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